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High Trust Means High Performance

Ofactor is the only solution built by real neuroscientists that is designed to build a high-trust culture. It is based on over 13 years of field and lab-based neuroscience research by Dr. Paul Zak and enables you to engineer a high-trust, high-performance organization. The complete Ofactor solution includes:

  • A neuroscience-based organizational trust survey
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Frequent organizational pulses
  • Individual, actionable and behavioral feedback for your leaders
  • A platform for setting individual goals & measuring improvement

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Organizations with high Ofactor ratings have been scientifically proven to show:


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Working with Paul initially was the beginning of an entire initiative to add rigor, reliability, validity, and current thinking to existing measures of employee wellbeing. Rather than changing or modifying the measure, we threw it out completely. That’s a huge change that impacts decision-making and behavior throughout the organization. Ofactor has quantified the drivers of happiness, and he’ll tell you how to monitor and leverage those drivers to get more of what we want – healthy, happy, productive, and flourishing groups, teams, organizations, and communities. In short, he’s a particle physicist for the human mind. I have a profound level of respect for Paul and Ofactor. Their approach is rigorous, novel, and oriented both around discovering new knowledge and also around solving real, practical problems that human organizations face.

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